GCS-100 is a complex, naturally occuring polysaccharide derived from pectin that has the ability to bind to and block the effects of galectin-3.  Over-expression of galectin-3 has been implicated in muliple forms of chronic orgain failure and in cancer.  A  description of  the GCS-100 technology can be found hereBecause of the unique ability of GCS-100, to bind to and sequester galectin-3 makes it an ideal candidate to prevent and treat diseases in which galectin-3 plays an important role.  As such, GCS-100 is currently being evaluated in several areas including chronic kidney disease, liver disease, and cancer immunotherapy.

GCS-100 is currently being studied in patients with chronic kidney disease:  A Phase 2a Study of Weekly Doses of GCS-100 in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease